Shock And Awe: Will It Survive?

Handgunner Backpack Black GPS-1711BPThe sturdy backpack design allows you to transport your gear to and from the range while keeping your hands free. There is space for the upright storage of four full-size handguns plus room for everything else, including 12 extra magazines, ear and eye protection, targets, ammunition, binoculars, tools, stapler, and cleaning supplies.

The pockets and compartments are even labeled to help keep you organized. If it won’t fit in this bag, then you probably don’t need it. The G. P. S. Handgunner Backpack is made of quality materials and features a high-density foam cradle insert, as well as a waterproof cover in the top of the bag, so your handguns are always fully protected.

This backpack is everything you could want in a range bag. 2. Vortex Optics Crossfire II 6-2450 AO, SFP RiflescopeVortex Optics is arguably the best name when it comes to affordable and high-quality riflescopes, and for a good reason. Their Crossfire II series sees a lot of use with both beginner marksmen and experienced hunters.

Estimating bullet drop has never been easier, making this one of the best scopes for long-distance shooting. The audio sensitivity was very low. My own audio (holding the camera) was very low, but barely acceptable… However, it is doubtful you’ll be able to get usable quality audio from anyone standing any distance away, such as the other end of the boat.

No doubt that is due in part to the need to make it waterproof. GoPro’s inside their waterproof case have the exact same issue, perhaps worse. The Tactacam, however, automatically embeds a “FISH-i” logo on screen (lower left), definitely frustrating if you prefer “clean video” without doing a commercial for Tactacam.

The Fish-i retails for $199.

GoPro may have led the way with high quality, portable video, especially for anglers. Nowadays there are many others. In my opinion, with my use so far, the Fish-i cam is absolutely worth a look if you are shopping. The Fish-i retails for $199. Watch other Tactacam videos here or learn more at https://www.

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” Capt. For more than 45 years, Galco has worked with the finest materials available, including premium steerhide, horsehide, Premium Center Cut Steerhide, Kydex and injection-molded polymers. Our many decades of experience as shooters and gun carriers also helps us understand what works – and what doesn’t – for the end user.